Managing Your Lifecycle

A lifecycle is often described as a series of stages a business transitions through the course of its lifetime. Our firm navigates clients throughout each stage, from forming a sole proprietorship or corporation to selling the company or facilitating a family succession. Organizations often outgrow their accounting firm as their business evolves.

What Stage Are You In?

  • Emerging. This stage is typically short-lived. Either the organization makes it to the Growth stage or it goes out of business.
  • Growth. This stage may last for decades. Once a company expands to a certain point, it often transcends to the Mature stage.
  • Mature. Here a business is stable and profitable. This stage may continue for a long time, but eventually ownership needs to sell or transition to the next generation. The age of owner(s) and time the company needs to prepare for the sale or succession varies widely.
  • Transition. In this stage, a business is ready to begin the process of exiting or conducting a succession. A transition can take years to plan and execute. We explain the entire process to help you maximize the value or in a succession work to help transfer family wealth.

Transiting Through Lifecycle Stages

We start by understanding your goals and obstacles. Client needs depend on the lifecycle stage and ownership dynamics. An emerging sole proprietor trying to sell is vastly different from a mature family owned enterprise. If the goal is to sell to a third party, the owner may need to take additional steps to value the business at the highest price possible. If the goal is a family transition, the owner may need to transfer leadership to the next generation and gift or transfer equity to family members over time. Tax planning is a major step in any scenario. Jones & Company supports you through each specific stage.

Create a GAP Plan.

Let us help you close the gap from where you are today to where you want to go. This process takes a few hours. We will meet to ask some key questions about what you value and feel is important, then identify the obstacles that you feel could be impeding progress. We will provide an Executive Briefing of our discussion that will recap the results and provide a baseline GAP Plan for your organization. There is no cost for this session.