Begin with the End in Mind

How often do you exit a business? Most owners only exit a business once in their lifetime. This is a new experience involving a series of decisions that can alter the outcome. There is no option of a reset or a do over.

Jones & Company Provides a Blueprint

We help you design a plan unique to your circumstances, your company, and your desired outcome. Then, depending on the timeline you are looking at we meet with you monthly to quarterly to ensure progress is being made on your plans. The core steps include:

  • Establishing a Timeline; this could take 6 months to 10 years
  • Enhancing Value; make the business physically and financially attractive to buyers
  • Separating Yourself from the Business; the business is now an asset for sale
  • Depersonalizing Decisions; remove the emotional connection
  • Creating a Tax Plan; a retirement strategy, estate & trust needs, life insurance, health care, etc.
  • Preparing for Post-Exit; establish an investment strategy for the proceeds

What is Your Best Strategy?

Closing the business or merging with a competitor? Selling to a third party, conducting a family succession, selling to employees, or transitioning to an existing co-owner? We can assess your options and offer objective, professional advice.

Time is a Valuable Tool in Exit Planning

In general, the shorter the planning timeframe is, the less profitable the sale becomes. Time enables you to refine operations for value maximization. It gives you time to ensure key personnel and non-competes are in place, allows owners to remove themselves as much as possible from the day-to-day operations, and provides room for an appropriate tax strategy to unfold, especially if gifting is involved.