Progressive Executives & Individuals

We work with clients who want to get the most out of their business and who want a secure financial position. Jones and Company provides support for privately held businesses, non-profit organizations, and high net worth individuals. They vary from emerging entities just getting established to large organizations with complex needs. The core function we provide every client is accurate information, proactive tax planning, and a relationship from an accounting firm that understands their business and what is important to their specific goals and obstacles.

Communications Drive Our Process

We understand what keeps our clients up at night. Handling an audit or tax filing is important, but that does not help an owner get more from their business. The real value, the part that makes a difference, comes from the interaction and ongoing working relationship we develop with our clients. We explain the results of their tax return and financial statements and discuss potential tax planning opportunities or other areas inside the business, such as cash flow, internal controls, succession or exit planning.

GAP Management

Our GAP process helps us deeply understand our clients. We discover the 3 to 5 items they think are most important to them. Then, we get them to identify which one of these 3 to 5 items is the most important. Finally, we get them to tell us the obstacles in the way or impeding progress on the 3 to 5 items. Once we have these items identified, we continue to collaborate with you to narrow the gap from where you are today to where you want to be in the immediate future and for your long-term vision.

Industry Niches

There are very few organizations we cannot assist. However, along the way we have developed an extremely deep knowledge base within a few industries which allows us to help clients and prospects address select areas inside their operations. We understand the nuances of these industries and can address very detailed issues.

Create a Tax Plan.

Every business should have a tax plan that examines the potential to use current tax incentives and credits, as well as evaluates opportunities to defer tax liability. Let us talk to you about what we see other businesses doing. One aspect of a tax plan is looking at the potential for other states to try to tax your business. We can walk you thought these concepts and then, we will look at your last few years of tax returns. There is no cost for this session.