Income Retention & Growth Strategies

Is what you do today securing where you want to be tomorrow? It is never too early or late to start an investment plan. Our tax and investment professionals remain current on changing tax incentives, regulations, and wealth strategies to maximize any potential benefits. Jones & Company professionals customize strategies based on your unique financial position.

Individual & Family Tax Services Include:

  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Family Estate, Trust, & Gifting Strategies
  • Retirement Strategies
  • Retirement Projections
  • Financial Planning
  • College Planning
  • Second Home Purchase & Major Asset Decisions
  • Stock Option Strategies
  • IRS Support

Build & Transfer Wealth Using Time

Long-term tax planning allows you to earn income for decades by deferring tax liability. Deferring tax liability means you do not start paying taxes on that income until later in life when you are normally earning less and taxed at a lower rate. More time allows gifting strategies to minimize tax liability through the transfer of wealth. However, annual limits on gifting restrict certain transfers, which is why time to implement a strategy is a very effective wealth retention tool.