Goal Setting & Profit Enhancement

Jones & Company collaborates with businesses to set goals, measure improvement, and evaluate opportunities. As your advisors, we provide the reporting and guidance necessary to operate your business and build value. We ease the difficulty of managing select aspects within your business.

Growth Strategies

Are there business development steps to consider that will enhance profits? Are there opportunities to increase margins and add market share? Does it make sense to buy or merge in a competitor? At Jones and Company, we work with you to review ideas, tackle obstacles, and plan to refine profit potential. If we do not have the experience to handle a specific challenge, we have access to professionals we trust who can help you.

We Support Owners By

  • Understanding their vision; what their goals are
  • Providing the financial reporting so they have information to run their business
  • Creating a tax plan to optimize credits and incentives when possible and to defer tax liability
  • Working with their team to evaluate opportunities and overcome obstacles
  • Helping them make progress toward their goals

Privately Held & Family Operated Companies

Our clients represent service and production based businesses. Examples of our service clientele include; law firms, architects and engineers, financial institutions, healthcare professionals, insurance professionals, consultants, and anyone in the field of supporting a business or individual. Examples of production oriented clients include; agriculture, manufacturing, distribution, construction, and any business that makes or is involved in the delivery of products.

Lifecyle Management

As part of our efforts, we help you navigate through the different stages of the lifecycle. This is a critical element every business needs to plan for because their business and personal interests often change. We help you prepare for those changes and successfully move through the different steps in the process.