Unique Support Services

We listen, advise, facilitate discussion, and become the outlet executives and individuals turn to for confidential conversations and objective advice. Our team is accessible, responsive and looks beyond the basic numbers to provide insight and direction, which is exactly the level of support you should expect from your accounting firm. Jones and Company has a network of professional relationships, including our membership as an independent firm of the BDO Alliance, which ensures we can provide the right solution for each opportunity.

Our Services Include:

  • Tax. Tax strategies & return preparation
  • Financial Reporting. Audit, reviews, compilation, internal controls
  • Accounting. Outsourcing the accounting function
  • Transition Planning. Exit strategies & family succession
  • Advisory Support. Growth & profitability services
  • Retirement Strategies. Personal financial wealth suggestions

Let Us Help You

Jones & Company builds relationships with our clients. Setting goals, assisting in financial stability and growth plans, evaluating opportunities, resolving problems, and managing compliance and regulatory needs is a team effort. We believe actions speak louder than words. Our team would like the opportunity to get to know your business and tailor the best option to your situation. We would like to become your trusted advisors and shift some of the burden of running your business to our team of professionals.

Identify and Track Key Metrics.

We help identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide management status on vital areas of their business. If your accountant is not talking about these items and tracking them for you, we should talk. Every business has common KPIs such as revenue and cash, but others have metrics that are indicators of their current or future success. Let us come in to talk about what these items may be for you, and how we can help track them. There is no cost for this session.