Financial Reporting

Our audit services address compliance requirements imposed by banks, outside investors, the Board of Directors, and internal management. Our services range from certified and reviewed financial statements to compiled and customized reports used for management’s internal needs. We provide agreed-upon procedure engagements to test a specific segment in the business, as well as internal control evaluations to ensure policies and procedures are in place and being followed.

Our Assurance Services Include:

  • Audited & Reviewed Financial Reports
  • Financial Statement Compilations
  • Contractor License Audits & Reviews
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • ESOP Audits
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention
  • Internal Audit Program Testing
  • A-133 Audits

Customized Management Reporting

Jones & Company will utilize your financial systems to produce reporting needed to view profitability, monitor cash flow, track budgets to actual performance, and provide specialized information.

Value Driven Engagements

Our team brings the insight gained from working with many diverse clients. We recommend potential process improvements or changes to refine operations and view every engagement as an opportunity to add value.